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Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies

For us, providing optimal project services starts with a clear and definitive understanding of the project's feasibility and the ability to provide engineering direction. With our feasibility studies and conceptual engineering services we evaluate your project's potential for success and chart the best path forward.


Our feasibility studies identify significant risks facing your project, consider all viable options for achieving your project's objectives, and alternative project scopes in order to provide you the best value solution. We understand that shaping your project's definition during the feasibility study phase presents the greatest opportunity to add value. We sort through potential alternatives, and arrive at the optimal project definition.


As a project moves closer to pre-planning, our conceptual engineering services determine potential technical solutions without the expenditure of full fledged engineering efforts. We provide services ranging from equipment layouts and cost estimate guidelines, to scheduling and testing, all with the aim of establishing a technical and cost effective foundation for your project.


Detailed Engineering

We offer multi discipline detailed engineering to create a full definition of every aspect of a project development. We prepare in detail models and drawings for fabrication and construction, management of suppliers, schedule of activities, costs, procurement of equipment, economic evaluation and also environmental impacts before starting a construction project.


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